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The IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) are the perfect solution to make the most of packaging in the smallest space possible. With a standard 1000L capacity, these robust containers include very functional lid and drain valve that may vary depending on the pallet: plastic, wood, or metal.

We may provide different sized IBCs (600 to 3000 litres) upon prior request, and provide reconditioned solutions with guarantee.

SIE currently provides other types of containers, such as Schutz's 'aquablock', 'aquatonne' and 'aquamovil' solutions. These are plastic containers with several advantages, such as easy access to the interior for cleaning and maintenance, they can be adjoined for better storage and handling, are highly resistant, and have an innovative and ergonomic design. These solutions may vary for sizes 350 to 3000 litres. Contact an SIE sales representative for more information.


  • Químicos Chemical
  • Agro-Alimentar Agrifood
  • Farmaceutico Pharmaceutical
  • Fitosanitários Phytosanitary

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