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The accessories available complement SIE Packaging.

These products complement the different Carboys, Drums, Bottles and other packaging solutions with the needs of the different markets in mind: Chemical, Agriculture & Foodstuff, Pharmaceutical and Plant Health.

The types of accessories within the packaging range include: caps, cap wrenches, spray bottles, dispensers, taps and nozzles created to effectively complement the solutions developed and produced.
Some of these accessories can be adjusted to the needs of the client, such as cap placement, for example.



STD - Standard | CRC - child resistance clousure | F.FAND - flex band | FT - flip top | AV - auto-ventilação | S. IND - selo indução | INV - invioláve


  • Químicos Chemical
  • Agro-Alimentar Agrifood
  • Farmaceutico Pharmaceutical
  • Fitosanitários Phytosanitary

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